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We take being your chosen accounting partner seriously. Our dependable communication is one of the most important factors in why clients come to us, and continue to trust us for years.

We Are Business Owners

We use our deep experience both working with clients across many industries and managing our own family of businesses to give you insights and information you need to make impactful business decisions.

We Improve Your Cash Flow

The key to a good business is positive cashflow. See how the changes we make with improved processes can improve your profitability and cash flow. In almost every case, we save you money rather than cost you money.

Our Services

Financial Consulting

We help business owners understand their finances and the financial complications they run into and offer actionable solutions on how to achieve their financial goals.

Expert Bookkeeping

We offer all of your bookkeeping necessities which keeps your accounting files clean and up to date. From bank reconciliations to payroll, we do it all so you’re never behind with your books.

Business Analytics

We uncover valuable insights by reviewing your financial statements and records. We create customized reporting which shows key performance indicators to help you make smart business decisions.

Reliable Outsourced Accounting

We provide an expert accounting team to meet all your needs from staff level work up to to CFO level strategic analysis.

Let's Make Sure We're a Good Fit

We are determined to work with clients that we are confident we can bring value to. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert teammates today.

A Team Of Financial Experts That Cares

We're here to help.

We’re business owners, just like you and we understand the problems that can arise when your finances aren’t up-to-date and accurate. When you rely on us, you’re relying on a team of business owners, investment professionals, auditors, and more. We’ve built our expertise in our roles as accountants and also key decision-makers and consultants in a wide range of companies big and small to be able to help you. Together, we’re here to show business owners an accounting firm that actually cares.


Why You Should Choose Outsourced Accounting

We Deal With All your Accounting and Business Finance Needs


Rick Newell
Founder of M.U.S.T
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“MUST (Mentoring Urban Students and Teens) as been with Fortis for the past 3 years and we could not be more pleased. Three things we appreciate about Forits is their accuracy, professionalism and availability. Fortis gets the work done right the first time. They understand business and how it works. When we need them they answer the phone or call us back right away. We would recommend Fortis for any clients accounting solutions.”
Aileen Song
VP Song Technologies
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"I am so happy that we finally found the perfect partner to help us with our accounting and bookkeeping needs. We had been struggling for some time, and couldn't get anything done on time or get an accurate reading of our financial situation. Addison’s attention to detail and timeliness is what's really made the difference for us. He saved us a lot of time on our books and is always there when I need him!"
Matt Milner
BackBar Project-Seattle
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“Fortis Accounting Solutions has been an amazing partner. Our previous accounting firm made sure expenses were captured but by no means did they have the systems in place to drive our business forward. Once we began working with Fortis they helped clean up the bad habits from our previous accountants and worked closely with us to ensure the transition was seamless. Most importantly, Fortis took it upon themselves to really understand our business and how things flow on a monthly basis. It’s allowed us to treat them more as our internal accounting arm than an outside third party provider. I’ve never felt more confident about our accounting systems.”
Linda D.
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“From the start of working together, Addison (who I work directly with) has been stellar! He responds to all emails and texts very quickly, especially when I need financials by a certain time. My old accountant was not as timely with documents and did not respond as quickly… so I was hesitant to work with anyone else. BUT, I was recommended to Fortis by a close friend and I’m really glad I reached out because its exceeded my expectations of what working with an outsourced accounting team should be.”

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